I never wanted to travel, learn English or live in another country...

I am from Slovakia. People from my country couldn’t travel because of the socialistic regime until 1986. It affected us but didn't break us. My generation is different. We travel, we enjoy, we live! Because we are free and thanks to our history we understand the value of freedom very well! I also want to make it worth it for my parents and grandparents. I love to see the happiness in their eyes when I am telling them about the new plans on my list.

I still remember as if it were yesterday. I have a boyfriend, a nice apartment in the middle of Bratislava, it’s my second year in my first job which I got straight after uni. So I sit there in the photo studio telling my boss ‘No, I don’t want an increase. I want to quit. I want to quit and then move somewhere. Where? I don't know. Travel. Travel around the world. No I don't know how to do it but I will’. She said it is the worst decision of my life and that I will end up as a cleaner in London’s Ghetto.


I had that sudden itch. That something powerful, an idea which injected itself into your heart and doesn’t let you sleep. I didn’t know where to go, how does it feel to travel alone, I didn’t have money and I spoke only very basic English at that time. I just knew I had to try. I broke up, quit my job, moved out of the apartment and faced all those hater comments. I left for a one-year long adventure to Turkey, then I moved for 4 years to Switzerland and let’s just see where will I end up next year.


I have visited Australia, twice America and over 25 different European Cities in last few years. My trips make me feel alive. It is a celebration of freedom, humanity and a natural hunger for exploration. I am from a post socialistic country. My parents and grandparents couldn’t travel because of the regime until 1986. I can! And I am going to make it worth it!