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3 Nightlife lessons from Seattle

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

After all day shopping, I am barely able to walk but who would resist a party in the legendary Grunge City?

I don’t need to explain why the partying in Seattle is a big deal for me right? I live in a small Swiss village – the biggest party I experience here is a yodelling competition organized to celebrate the cow’s cattle descent from Alpine pastures! ;)

The evening started in an amazing restaurant in Bellevue and ended up in the No.1 gay bar. My local friends planned to take me to the best places in the city, but after the security guys didn’t let me into the 4th club we tried, we ended up in Capitol Hill- Broadway. (Don’t forget to visit this part of the city for vintage bookshops, alternative cinemas, LGBT and hippie culture. )

Lessons learned

1. They did not let me into 3 of the very best nightclubs my local friends wanted to go to tonight. Doesn’t matter that you are 31, you have 2 big wrinkles thirsty for Botox and a bunch of local friends in their late 30ies. As a foreigner, you need a passport to be able to prove that you are an adult and that they can let you in. Not a drivers license, not an ID which allows you to travel around all of Europe and is used as a passport in our continent. It has to be the book passport in Seattle. I feel stupid, friends are disappointed, trying to explain, change the security guy’s mind but nothing works. Take your passport guys!

2. Marijuana is legal, but you can only drink until 2am, and they are strict about that. There was a guy who came at 2.10am while I was dancing, and he literally tried to take the half-finished bottle of a beer from my hand. “It is 2am madam, you are not allowed to drink anymore!” Obviously, he wasn’t successful. I come from Slovakia, I know how to protect my beer, but he made me finish my drink immediately and insisted to take the empty bottle with him. Most of the nightclubs also close at 2am so you really have to hurry :D

3. Use Uber girls. Girls from Seattle said that it is pretty safe to go out here, but you definitely have to take a taxi even if you walk just a few blocks. Ubers are always available and affordable so don’t think twice.