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9 sweets you have to taste in Portugal

You are not going to Portugal to be on a diet, right? If yes, change your mind right now! Your broccoli will wait for you until you’ll come back home.

Seriously, this is what we all love about traveling, right? The nature, discovering new cultures and experiencing new feelings…. all good BUT! The unlimited amount of new tastes and smells that is what makes us happy, am I right? No guilt, we can consume all this food in the name of research – at least it is really easy to adopt this mind-set 😊. Salads for a diner, low carbs meals, HIIT…I am there with you, but while travelling, there are NO limits! I know that nice healthy vegan smoothie would be maybe better for me, but I want to have a fresh Pastel De Nata.

I asked my Portuguese college to write a recommendation of sweets I shouldn’t miss. Here is the list:

1) Pastels De Nata

Oh gosh, I was waiting for them nearly 4 years. You can probably buy them in your local supermarket, but you don’t know how great the life can really be until you taste the fresh, hot Pastels De Nata from Pasticceria Belem. Locals find this place already too touristy and I can admit that I also didn’t feel very welcomed here. You are lining in a big cue as this place is on the main tourist map. I don’t recommend sitting here for your drink, you can only imagine how much the staff hate their job when they need to daily serve to millions of stupid tourists. Buy your 6 pack and eat it in the botanical garden or while enjoying a view of the bridge or Padrão dos Descobrimentos. If you don’t plan to go to Belem, you can buy a great Pastel de Nata also from the Fabrica da Nata in the middle of the city. Eat them hot and sprinkle on cinnamon.

2) Pastel de Tentúgal

Author of the photo :

Egg custard in a crunchy pastry.

3) Ovos moles Aveiro

Foto: Divulgação Web

This one is crazy! First you hate it and then you want more and more. So sugary that your heart rate will increase but really nice. It is an egg yolk and sugar wrapped in wafer. This can be also a nice present for your friends as it is easy to transport.

4) Pao de lo

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This one is so basic. I don't really understand why it is so popular in Portugal. It is again made from sugar, eggs and flour and it is very similar to sponge cake.

5) Torta de Azeitao

Delicious! This comes from Azeitao. Roll stuffed with cinnamon cream. It has a little bit of lemon in it as well. Sprinkle it by cinnamon and enjoy :)

6) Tarte de Amendoa

Almond tart with a really generous amount of almonds in it. Crunchy on the top and soft on the inside. All marzipan lovers will be amazed by this.

7) Queijda de sintra

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Called also Sintra cheesecakes (they don’t really taste like a cheesecake though). Guess where are they coming from? ;)Try them while you visit Sintra. Surprisingly it contains something more than sugar: flour, cinnamon and egg this time and fresh cheese!

8) Salame de chocolate

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Chocolate salami. Funny name but a little bit boring desert in my point of view. Cocoa, broken biscuits, butter, eggs and a bit of port wine. I am not a huge fun of this one and think that Portuguese should stay faithful to their custard pastry. Anyway, try it while you are in Portugal, it is fun and you will find it literally everywhere.

9) Tripas de Aveiro

Something in between waffles and crepes. As my Portuguese colleague said : "like a crepe but muuuuch better" 😊