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Don’t make this fatal mistake in Seattle

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

If I don’t like the city I know I screwed up! I know it is because I didn’t find the correct places in it. Watch this video to not make the same mistake when you will visit Seattle!

Museum of Pop Culture Seattle

This is not a matter of self-delusion. I am not putting my pink glasses on every time I travel just because I spent a lot of money and I need to prove to myself it was worth it. My relationship with money is easy – once it is spent, it is the same as if it would never exist. The main issue is my radical belief that every single city and place on this planet has something great to offer! Genius loci, people, history, nature, silence, noise, smell, places, colours, food or events…. there is all the time something to be admired and loved. I believe that if I didn’t find it, I failed in my planning, searching or communication with the locals.

I was in Seattle only for 1 week and I decided to spend my last 2 days in and around Bellevue. I was searching for something to do when I found this video and started to regret that I didn’t find it sooner! Watch it right now in order to not make the same mistake as I have done:

She explains all my feelings in one sentence: ‘When I came to Seattle I didn’t even know that something except downtown existed.’

Just to summarize her video, there are little suburbs which you have to visit in Seattle and it is not that easy to find out more information about them.

After watching this video, I am a bit disappointed but not by the city, by me. I had 7 days and what I have really seen was only the ‘touristy’ part of Seattle - If something like that even really exists. As we all know this is definitely not the most touristy destination in the world. This city is not the ‘easy to discover, easy to love place’ when you are a tourist. It is very authentic, simple, partly raw, scary, fresh, young and growing. It is everything but not boring.

I have seen a lot of beautiful places and have been to great restaurants, but I didn’t see the kind of things which your relative living Seattle would show you. It is a big shame but also this is a part of travelling. Not every trip can be the best of your life. And you know what? I will come here again! 😉