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I hate to complain about hotels, but I do, and you should too.

I am a trip advisor freak, but I truly hate to complain about hotels, especially when it is in my home town. Read my story about when and how to do it.

I am staying in my home town Bratislava this week for Christmas. It is rather special feeling to stay at the hotel in the city where you have grown up. You want it to be perfect because this is yours home and you want to share pictures, articles, and positive comments about how amazing your country and people are. The prices are very reasonable as during the Christmas the hotels in Bratislava are not busy. As I have a foreigner guest with me I am deciding between several fancy hotels in the city centre. Final choice is a rather new 4stars hotel in the heart of Bratislava, with great ratings on trip adviser and The lobby is impressive, and I recognize a familiar face at the reception. It is a girl which was going to the same elementary school as me.

I am immediately emotionally attached. Ready to put my pink glasses on.

Trying to convince my self that everything is perfect, I am keen to ignore the shower that didn’t see the decalc detergent for several weeks. I am benevolently smiling on the towels which are hanging straight above the toilet, the mirror is not perfectly clean, I can literally smell the dust, but I am forgivingly believing that there was just some mistake why the cleaner didn’t spend more time in my room. ‘They are just some details’, I am telling myself. The cleaning is done the next day in the morning while we are enjoying a breakfast. Staff is very young, hardworking, stressed, and visibly not educated in this field, probably also underplayed. I feel sorry for them, knowing the political and financial situation of the country. I feel also a bit stupid, freaking out that I am becoming one of those annoying ‘I live abroad and now, nothing is good enough for me in this country’ clients.

Yes, the oranges are obviously not fresh, staying there cut for more than 2 days and the cook at the stand for fresh omelettes and crepes is permanently missing. ‘Isn’t this enough for you? It is Christmas time, of course not everything is 100%, they don’t have so many guests, most of the staff is on vacations. You pathologically exigent horrible woman! I it good here!’ I am telling myself. When I came back to the room, I realize that it wasn’t any mistake, the cleaner is negligent. The floor is dirty, mirror still with patches, the shower is not any cleaner than it was yesterday and after closer investigation I find enormous, scary layers of dust. That amount of dust what I didn’t have in my room not even when I was at the University and didn’t clean for 3 years. I shortly evaluate if I really become an old, annoying woman with starting Obsessive-compulsive disorder or this is reasonable. I can’t decide so I just go and complain at the reception.

I try all the time to first complain instead of writing a negative, angry review on the social medias as I know how powerful and negative impact this can have. I recommend this approach also to you. We are all humans, mistakes can happen.

Mistakes at 4* hotels are ok if they are fixed immediately so I ask them to tidy up and focus on proper dusting in my room. I head toward my family house for a Christmas dinner. After the celebration of Christmas Eve I am coming to my hotel at 24th of December, I open my room and it smells great here. ‘Yes, they fixed it! Service is good in Slovakia and people are great! So professional.’ Sounds in my head. The floor is freshly washed but all the layers of dust on the picture hanging on the wall, inside of the lamps, on the top of the bed are the same. The cleaner basically couldn’t find it!

The cleaner who can’t find a dirt is like a heart surgeon who can’t find a heart in your body.

I am seriously angry now and as I am allergic on dust, I am taking a wet tissue and cleaning all the layers of dirt which a cleaner let cultivate here for months. I clean my 4**** hotel room at 24.12.2017 in the evening.

I guess this is a good time for a negative review. How to do it?

  • Write your review on trip adviser, and eventually post it also to the social medias of the hotel.

  • Write your negative experience as often as your positive ones but never forget about good manners and the main purpose: warning the other travellers and helping the hotel to improve their services.

  • Make sure you take the pictures or other evidence to demonstrate your negative experience. If you can’t take pictures, describe the situation including all the detail like time, place, names…

  • Try to stay objective and don’t pick only the negatives otherwise your review will not be taken seriously. There is certainly also something positive what you experienced here. It could be the location, fast internet, good food or good pillows. The more details, the more valuable is your review.

  • If there is a problem specific to your room, include the room number to your review and specify the problem. Was something broken? Was your window turned to the noisy street? Did you have a problem with the heating? Aircondition was blowing to your face all night as it was stupidly situated above your bed? This will help the other travellers to avoid these rooms.

  • Give your self few days to write the review and don’t forget to ask yourself if you are being reasonable with your expectations.

  • Adapt your reviews to the type of the accommodations where you stay. Nothing is more ridiculous than people who are sharing their disappointment about the 2* hotel which didn’t have a perfect view or hair dryer at the room.