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North of Australia

This year I spent my Christmas and New Year celebration in my BF's country. As it was already my second time in down under, he decided that I am ready for something more than Opera in Sydney. I must say I was intimidated initially, and I didn’t even want to go to the tropical part of Australia. You know…all those pictures of snakes in the toilets, killer jelly fish, weird spiders. I had that feeling that from the time I open my eyes till the end of the day there will be something trying to kill me. I was constantly alerted but honestly? This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I don’t recall a time in my life when I was so happy and relaxed. I was staying in Port Douglas in the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen, the Sheraton Grand Mirage.

If you want to do the same, I recommend flying to Cairns and rent a car so you can do all the amazing trips on your own and don’t need to spend enormous amount of money.

Here are the trips which I have done, and I recommend for you to check out these places:

Cape Tribulation – you will feel like you are in an abandoned island in the middle of the nowhere

Cairns – find the China town market and have a massage and all you can eat here! Also, don’t forget to buy all the presents at this place the prices are incomparable to any other place

Great Barrier Reef – Go to the outer reef, the closer one is pretty dead unfortunately. Don’t go during the summer season as you will be likely meet a lot of jelly fish. Even with a stinger suit it is not comfortable at all. Take your pills in case you have sea sickness – I didn’t and…

Daintree rainforest – OMG! How beautiful was this. Yes, this is really a rainforest so don’t assume it is just a little touristy attraction like I did and wear something else other than flip flops. Book a tour here. I didn’t and when I have seen the tour guides, I really regretted it. They seemed to be really into their job and I were sharing so many information which you are just not able to google. I warn you – yes, there are snakes, leaches and all the other things you would expect in the rainforest. I didn’t expect the snakes part for some reason…

Crocodiles – pay for a little boat trip where they will show you crocodiles in their natural habitat. They don’t feed them, so it is a matter of luck if you see some, but my tour guide was a local and knew everything about the area and where the Crocs are usually resting so we have seen 3 of them. It was one of the best experiences of my life. There is something magical about seeing this animal in the wild.

Market in Port Douglas – it might seem like a most boring option while being in a paradise. But make sure you will take some cash and visit this market in the marina as you will taste and buy the most surprising products and food.

Ocean – don’t expect much swimming in the ocean during the summer season as the killer jelly fish is waiting there to sting you and kill you by its poison within 3 minutes.

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