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Plan your trip like a complete freak

Updated: May 19, 2018

Do you plan your trip like a complete weirdo? No? You are actually pretty chilled and happy to go with the flow? Then read this article to discover how the freaking weirdos plan their holidays.

I am planing my trip to Portugal at this moment

I am not really that much into planning and scheduling by nature, but this weakness has put me in to lot of trouble in the past. I am still up for an adventure and I am ready to travel the next day if somebody comes with a cool idea for a trip. If I have time though, I like to put some effort into my trip preparations, and it's worth it.

Check out my workflow

I make my decision about the destination. I have 3 criteria’s:

1.) To which country I can find a cheap ticket at this moment.

2.) Is there some country where I would need to go anyway? I have friends, I want to do my dental treatment there, I want to buy my clothes there, I want to see a concert or festival which is organized there.

3.) Where I really want to go. This is the least important. Because even though I have my travellers dream, I truly want to visit every single country.

I check the weather

I ask my friends and do my research on the internet. I don’t really want to go to Dubai when it's 50’C or to Cuba during the monsoon season. Just after this step I will buy my tickets. This is a crucial part, before I didn’t consider the weather, but I learned 😉. If you can, choose a reasonable weather and not the tourist peak season.

Book the tickets

You can use Skyscanner or go directly to your desired airline web page. I usually check Skyscanner, then if needed individually check various airlines depending on the destination.

Get tuned

Than I start to watch videos and look at photos to internally validate my great decision to visit that amazing country. I check the articles about the 10 most important things to do in the country, but it doesn’t really tell me anything because; firstly I don’t believe that this are the best things, and I don’t really care as I don’t know anything about country. Skip this step unless you are a freak like me.

Lonely Planet

Then I order my lonely planet copy from Amazon. Thanks to this amazing book I will plan in which cities I want to stay how long will my transportation take and all sorts of logistical stuff. I will also check also the recommendation for the hotels but just to have an idea. I never ever followed the advice. If I try, they are all the time fully booked already or it is a dorm. I must admit here, I don’t really do dorms. I have never tried and the idea scares me to death.

When it comes to accommodation I primarily use and I was all the time satisfied. From my experiences though it is not very useful if you are trying to rent an apartment. For this, you should check out In booking I simply filter the hotels by my criteria and once I have a final 3 or 4 options I will then open TripAdvisor.


I will double-check if the chosen accommodation will really satisfy my needs by reading a few reviews on trip adviser. Thanks to this review I will make my final decision on the hotels and I will book them through

Lonely Plant, Internet, Friends

Now is the time to make the plan for every day. I may follow it and I may not in the end, but I want to have it ready. I will use my traveling Bible -Lonely Planet, Internet and friends who will all the time recommend a great hack. I will also have a list of restaurants which I want to visit and specific food I want to eat in this country.

Make your reservations

Now Is my time to make all the reservations that I will need. If it is massage, medical treatment, busy tourist attraction, or hair dresser/ make-up artist if you will attend a specific event. Book everything in advance because maybe it is already too late now. I also didn’t bother with this in the past and it brought me a lot of disappointment.

Locals, Fliers

When I arrive to the destination I still tend to ask locals what they would recommend and I have also a little obsession of collecting all the fliers with discounts and deals which sometimes completely changes my plans.

When I write it like this, it seems even more scary than it really is. My planning takes some time, but it saves me a lot of time when I am already in the country. Maybe I will decide to change my plans for certain days because I will find or meet somebody better but if not, I am not wasting my time wandering around, thinking what I should do and missing the best opportunities which the place offers. Be spontaneous, enjoy every single moment, don’t put any pressure on yourself but be ready so you can discover and experience the coolest things which are waiting for you out there!