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Recovery day in Seattle Centre

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

My 3rd ‘after party’ day in Seattle starts a bit late and I feel like doing something chilled. Not a lot of walking combined with easy, basic and fulfilling experience. I am heading to Seattle Centre.(This is not a downtown ;))

Seattle Centre

If you have difficulty to walk or you wear your new shoes 😉 the good news is there is a monorail which will take you from Westlake Centre to the Seattle Centre. This is the place where all the shiny, fancy and expensive tourist attractions are. I decided to walk there by 5th Avenue which is basically all the way under the monorail. It is a lovely little walk through a nice, calm and authentic part of the city. I didn’t meet not even one scary or aggressive person here which was already a big relief after my first day. (In the end of my trip I learned that they mainly hang around places I visited on the first day) You will easily spend a day here and a big amount of money if you don’t choose wisely. Here are your options:

Space Needle – $29 I was advised to not visit this one as it is quite expensive, you have to queue for a long time and it is nothing special. It was totally true. It is nothing special but it’s the Space Needle for God Sake, how could I ever take that advice seriously? You take a fast elevator, fight with a bunch of tourists for your selfie and you go down to buy your miniature space needle magnet. That’s it. Good news is that it is going through a renovation and they plan to construct some cool and fun attractions. I didn’t buy my ticket online and it took me around 1h from the counter to the top of needle.

Chihuly Gardens$29 Mind-blowing! If I could choose only one place to visit here, it would be The Chihuly Gardens. It is impossible to describe by words but if you like colours, light and you can appreciate the fragility of beauty, you have to see this. It is basically an exposition of Chihuly’s work (the American glass sculptor). Celebration of his effort to push the boundaries of glass as a medium. There are inside galleries, a glasshouse and a beautiful garden where you can see a live glassblowing demonstration.

Museum of Pop Culture$28 Even if you don’t like museums, this one is a must. Already the building of MoPOP is unforgettable thanks to its architecture, but just wait to see what you will experience inside. It was founded by Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen in 2000. You will arrive and find yourself in a proper rock concert! It is spectacular! You will play a guitar, you will learn how to play drums, take a selfie with a gigantic guitar sculpture made from more than 500 guitars and you will see the photo of young Court Cobain starting his punk career. No doubt you will like this, and you will have a lot of fun enjoying the different expositions during the year. If you have kids, get ready to lose them for 2 hours in the massive top notch playground which is opposite to the museum.

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation free

If you won’t fall in love with the Gates family after this visit, then you don’t have a heart 😉 “Discover innovations and inventions that are helping to create a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. Immerse yourself in debates about education, health and poverty. Take action on a cause that you care about. The Discovery Centre also offers a rich array of programs and community events, educator resources and school tours.” Free 60-minute public tours are offered Tuesday – Saturday at 2pm, no registration required. Be careful, they are closed every Monday and Sunday. Pacific Science Center $23

This is a science centre for kids, so I didn’t visit but I can see from the description that I would definitely enjoy it as a single woman, but I would feel like a creepy stalker or kidnaper😉