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Rookie vs frequent flyer. Which one are you?

You soon realize that the holiday season has started. The lines are 3 times longer, restaurants are busier, kids are running around the airport like crazy, and finally you are meeting more people who still somehow don’t understand that they can’t bring their bottle of mineral water through security.

During the year, the frequent flyers are in the majority comparing to holidays seekers. July and august travellers are very easily recognizable. Which group do you belong to?

Enormous luggage

You have 2 or more enormous suitcases, cameras, tripods and on the way back you will find yourself paying the fee for one more suitcase which you bought during the holidays. Today I’ve even seen one guy with a massive speaker hanging on his neck.

Problem at the security

You wouldn’t think that somebody will harass you just because you are trying to bring your swiss knife to the aircraft? During the month of July and August you will not be the only one who will leave to your holiday resort without your knife, umbrella, sprays, scissors or your favourite Zippo lighter -which will stay at the security control. You nervously follow the instructions of the airport staff while slowly, little by little, and with fear in your eyes, you pass through the scanner. You joke about smuggling drugs and guns… or something with this topic. Then you try to pack everything back very precisely while looking at the others like they would be waiting to steal your travellers’ pillow.

Drinking alcohol before the flight.

By which I mean a lot of alcohol, the amount you would normally never drink at that time of the day. Shots or 3 pints at 1 PM at the airport, the first drink on the plane is certainly going to be again alcoholic. For a lot of people, the holiday couldn’t start without this ritual. Comparing to frequent travellers who are usually trying to drink mostly non-sparkling water and enjoy 1 glass of wine when it’s a long-haul flight. They don’t seem to have that “uuuh let’s enjoy the free drinks or I am scared this metal tube will crashed” mentality.

You just don’t get it on the aeroplane.

You are trying to flirt with the fly attendants, harassing the other passengers, bothering the others by all sorts of unacceptable smells and noises and not respecting the safety rules…. Those are all the behaviours which I already experienced with Summer travellers. Today I am traveling with a guy who is commenting on every single stage of the trip, and imitating the different stages with his body language. I bet it made you scared when you learned that there are specific rules connected with sitting in an emergency exit row and you don’t get it that you can’t have your handbag under the seat. “Oh, not even my jacket on the lap? Really????”

Controlling the excitement from the fact that the plane has landed

Well, it happened. For some people it’s a weekly routine, for you a small miracle. You are clapping your hands, unlocking your belt and standing up to open the overhead lockers immediately after the wheels touched the ground. You end up walking around while the aircraft is still moving. Uh surprise- surprise, now it is shaking you and you can’t really stand properly as the aeroplane is still decelerating fast. Who would predict that?

A lot of photos

It will all start by your photo of the aeroplane, then you will ask your friend to take a picture of you climbing the stairs into the aeroplane which will be followed by lot of selfies from the aircraft and off course your food. It will continue by taking picture of literally every single cloud and mountain out there. Ah you manage to take a picture with the cloud and a wing on it? How creative!

Getting out of there

You believe that the escape from the plane needs to be fast and effective, kind of a super hero style. The sad truth is that you will find yourself waiting for your 4th piece of language still 45 minutes later. Ah yes and it will probably never come as you have done something wrong during self-check-in and now it is on the other side of the planet.