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Spoiled princess Annoyed by Nice

Nice rooftop bar

I was dreaming about a quick summer getaway for months. No plans, no sightseeing, no long flights nor difficult transport to and from the airport. The flight from Geneva to Nice takes exactly 45 minutes and after a 15-minute ride in an airconditioned taxi I was already in my beautiful hotel situated 2 minutes’ walk from the sea.

I finally had the chance to enjoy a proper 3 day vacations with my partner. Cold wine from Provence, warm and clean sea, long walks on the Promenade des Anglais and amazing croissants for breakfast (However pretentious this might sound I really do believe that you can’t get this good croissant in any other country).

Thanks to the magical power of Marriot points we are staying in a great hotel located in a calm part of a town but still walking distance from the city. The truth is that I have been here already several times but I somehow all the time forget how great it is. Perfect combination of a busy touristy town which keeps its own character and hasn’t become as fake and posh as Cannes or Monaco.

We walk through the old town every day while eating our ice cream. I have tried all the disgusting flavours from beer to lavender which makes me wonder why the hell do I all the time have that itch to try something new. This is my second “digital detox holiday”, so I am not surprised by the fact that I am very close to mindfulness in certain moments. I enjoy the warm cobblestones, occasional waves of aircon blowing out from little shops, the taste of water and the smell of the salt in the air. Nice gives me the magic which comes with a short unorganized holiday, and it gives me and my partner also the topic to talk for hours and hours. “Should we move here the next month and stay for the rest of our lives?”. We have this feeling every single time we are visiting a beautiful city with Mediterranean culture and yet we are still living in a small swiss village where you are not allowed to cut your grass on Sunday, and as a foreigner you probably have less rights than the local cows - no offense cows you know how much I love you.

It was a great trip and if you don’t mind a pebbly beach, come to Nice for a few days.

You know what I have learnt from low-cost airlines? It is the minimalistic way of packing my luggage. In my hand luggage I have only a few light dresses, gym gear, cosmetics for three day which is specially placed in small containers, my smallest pyjama, flip flops and some space in the case for “unexpected shopping” (of course, even this time this unexpected thing happened and I am filling my space with an awesome dress which I have bought in the superb sales in Galeries Lafayette in the main square). Everything in my luggage is dirty and used at this point and we are leaving this stinky little suitcase at the reception after check-out. Our flight is departing at 22.00 so I still can enjoy a full day of swimming, sweating in the city and surviving with this salty hairstyle.

I am having a rooftop goodbye drink at 6PM when we receive a reminder from the EasyJet app that flight is going to be delayed. Then more and more delayed and in the end cancelled at around 8PM. I wouldn’t say that I will ever complain that I am forced to prolong my holiday in Nice, but I do. It is already dark, we don’t have a hotel, I am hungry, stinky, sweaty, my mobile is out of battery, it is really really hot and the stupid wine here costs 7e for 1,5 dcl.

Only one thing is certain with low-cost airlines, if you call there, they never answer. Positive is that we managed to rebook everything online. The negative is that we will experience one more homeless day in Nice as the next possible flight we can get is not until 10PM the next day.

The complains starts now and will continue during all of the next day. I don’t have any more clean clothes, cosmetics, sun cream, vitamins and the BF should have been already in a completely different country. I somehow feel trapped here. If there would be some prison I would like to be trapped in, then it is definitely Nice 😉 So what's wrong with me? Our replacement hotel is now far away from the city centre, check out is at 10AM, I am wearing my dirty dress with salty patches and I can feel my hair crying for moisturizing mask or let's face it, at least a shampoo.

How come that the city where I wanted to stay for the rest of my life just yesterday has suddenly changed to the hot annoying nightmare today? The vacation is no longer a vacation for me when somebody else is deciding for me where, when and how long do I stay. I am not proud about this spoiled part of me, and I hope I will learn and that the next time I will be able to handle the "Chimp" in my head better. I hope I will be able to accept and enjoy everything that life brings. And who knows? Maybe in a few years, I am going to evolve into a spiritual creature that will not feel annoyed by staying one more day in the French riviera 😉