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THE Best Brunch and coffee places in Nyon area

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Brunch at Blackbird House!

I can be honest with you here. All this Swiss outdoor sports obsession is killing me.

I really feel that if you are not a biker, mountain climber, extreme runner or at least a Nordic walker you are out of place here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mountains. Alps are beautiful. I love to sit in a nice restaurant with my glass of rose and look at the mountains but that’s pretty much it. I like to walk, but frankly the reason is mostly to satisfy my steps tracker. I only like to bike in a spinning class when I need to sculpt my body, and I like mountain climbers. I like to watch mountain climber’s bodies and the contraction of their muscles.

Until now it seemed that people like me are not welcome in this beautiful part of Switzerland. So sad how much I don’t fit here, and I try so hard! I even bought Wellingtons, I swear! Anyway, everything starts to change, I have not only one but 2 great places where I can hide myself from all my sporty friends. Finally, some cool places where I can sit with my books or laptop when I want to celebrate my laziness.

Black Bird house

Great for Sunday brunch or a dinner.


This awesome new pub situated in the beginning of Rolle has a top-notch brunch menu. They are child friendly and it is a great place to meet your friends. I recommend to book in advance as they start to become very busy. This place turns into a bar in the afternoon and in the second floor you can watch sport events. If you plan to come for a brunch, keep in mind that the kitchen is open from 10.00 to 14.30.

What I love about this cosy place is its friendly atmosphere and their pancakes. Just a little tip – 2 are enough, you will be able to eat 3 but don’t really aim for 4. As they are located only few steps from the lake, they will start to do a Blackbird Express picnic service very soon. Check this place out!

Café Ex Machina

Rue du Vieux-Marché 11, 1260 Nyon

This coffee shop is completely hidden. I remember the time when they opened it and the owner told us they are not planning any advertisement or marketing campaigns. Strangely enough, it became one of the most popular places in Nyon. It is very different to the traditional Swiss bakeries and the tea rooms. You can have a light and healthy snack for lunch here, amazing cakes and top-quality coffee! Everything is home made with love, you will taste the love – believe me! The service is extremely nice and friendly. I don’t want to generalize but unusually, extremely, extraordinarily friendly for Switzerland. Everything is fresh, seats are comfy and interior has a loft atmosphere. I feel very welcome every time I come. They have a big and calm terrace during the summer, and you will find a flat white on their menu!