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You have to fly sick

Updated: Dec 20, 2017

This will make your trip smoother and less painful. Here is a short list of rules to be followed if you happened to be sick when you have to travel.

My trip to Prague is booked for 2 months already. My best friend and I, immense opportunities to party in one of the coolest capitals in Europe. Charming old town with beautiful Christmas markets and you can get a pint here for 2 euros! 2 days before departure, I am getting sick. Not only do I have a fever and I look like a swollen Shrek, I also cough like a patient with tuberculosis and I completely lost my voice. Let’s get the aeroplane party started.

My bad karma is catching up with me. All those times when I was giving my evil eye to travellers coughing in the airport. All those times I was accusing them of irresponsibility and questioning in my head, if it was unavoidable for them to spread their disgusting bacteria around all the aeroplane. Now it is me. White face, shaking hands, dying like expression and handbag full of handkerchiefs and medications. Everybody wishes I will not sit next to them. I don’t know If I feel more self-pity or sorry for everybody around me.

Here is a short list of rules to be followed if you happened to be in a same situation as me today. This will make your trip smoother and less painful.

1. Try to sleep as much as you can before your flight (this is pretty obvious but as I am stressed, this time I actually go to bed at 21.00 and at 03: 25 I started to cry like a little baby, hysterically screaming ‘I can’t f…ng fall asleep! Yes, the situation makes you feel stressful and maybe you will not be able to sleep at all, get ready for that and don’t stress yourself even more.’)

2. Don’t save your money on transportation today. Take a taxi or whatever most convenient transportation to and from the airport. Try to avoid public transport where there is a chance you will not be able to sit for a longer time. Research for cheap options. Taxi from Prague airport to the city centre cost 20 Euro but you can find a shared taxi service for 5 Euro. You will pre-book this service on the web page for exact time and there will be a driver waiting for you at the airport. Do your research, there is all the time at least 3 options of transportation.

3. Don’t take any medications you didn’t try before!

4. You will need more layers of clothes. If possible, bring something to change as well. The simplest daily activities will make you sweat today, and the aircon on the plane in combination with your wet shirt, will definitely not make you feel better.

5. You have to bring all your medication and a water bottle on board with you. If you are missing something, ask the flight attendant. Bring the boiled sweets, hot paracetamol drinks, syrups, pain killers, drops and ear plugs as the noise is going to feel louder when you are sick.

6. Don’t stress, don’t drink any alcohol, every time you feel something unusual, inform fly attendant.

7. Pay for an aisle seat to be able to go to toilet anytime you need. To sneeze, cough, gargle or wash your nose with salty water…. This is strange but when I don’t feel ok eating makes it worst on the plane. Only thing I would suggest is maybe soup or porridge. Be careful also with café and the tea on the air plane. It is usually strong black tea and coffee which can increase your heartbeat specially after you took some paracetamol or another medication. Have some mints, chewing gums and juices.

8. Wear comfortable clothes only! Secret trick is to have a scarf or another peace of cloth which you will be able to roll over your nose and mouth in case the air is to dry / cold /warm and making you feel worse.

9. Don’t do anything. Don’t try to read a book, watch a movie, or play sudoku. Don’t move too much and don’t talk. Close your eyes and just relax. This is what eventually helped me to feel much better and even sleep for a while. The best option is to listen to an audiobook which is extremely calming.

10. Consider rescheduling your trip. In 90% times this is not possible but keep in mind that a lot of pains and health problems are worsening on the plane. Tooth problems, sinus congestion, nausea, diarrhoea, ear problems…they are a real night mare on the plane. Most airlines won’t charge you a rebooking fee for health reasons if you have a doctor certificate. There are cases when the airport staff can prevent you from boarding when you look too sick.